About US

Aloha, this is Martha. I'm the CEO of J-Slips Hawaii! We are a family owned and operated company. Adam (our oldest son) is the CFO. Josh (2nd son) is the President. Nan (2nd daughter) is the Vice President. My kids Rachel, Tommy and Jimmy, along with my daughters in law, Kanela and Michelle sometimes help out with social media, email, and shipping. Our grandkids: Eli, Cole, Avellana, and Coa are our main models. We are from a little town called Laie, Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu. All 6 kids in our family were born on Oahu and raised in Laie and enjoy the wonderful beaches and hiking and dirt biking in the mountain and most of all sports especially tennis and basketball. Here's the family!


I started selling jewlery and Hawaiian food on Amazon and was doing okay. Then I added Hawaiian sandals and those did even better. Adam and Josh started to get interested and we decided to order a whole container of 15,000 pairs! It was scary and a huge investment, but that whole shipment sold in a few months.  We started with 3 colors and 4 sizes. Now we have 21 sizes and 12 colors! 

We received our first container of J-Slips when Josh was a student at BYU in Provo, Utah. Josh was recently married and the only married student apartment he could find was a 3 bedroom, which totally worked out, because when the container came he filled two of the bedrooms with cases of J-Slips sandals. 

Now my sister, Julie, stores and ships most of our shipments from Elkhart, Indiana (where I am from originally). Here in Laie, we store our sandals at Adam's house in two garages and a big warehouse. We do almost everything ourselves, but sometimes have to hire some neighbor kids to help unload containers or day to day shipping. 

We have done super good on Amazon and that's where we think we will focus, but, we would like to get into more stores and are working on this website. 

Here's an article BYU Hawaii did on me. Check it out! 

Mahalo from the Christensen Family!


You can contact me at J-Slips at 808-372-0476!